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24 May 2019 7pm

The search for life in space has become central to modern astrophysics, whether through new missions which will explore the oceans hidden inside the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, or the accelerating race to find and characterize extrasolar planets. Key events in space travel including the passage through the solar system of interstellar asteroid 'Oumuamua and the discovery of most mysterious star in the Galaxy, KIC 8462852 (also known as Tabby's Star or WTF for "Where's the Flux?"), have raised questions about what we might recognise as Alien.

Astronomer and Sky at Night presenter, Chris Lintott, raised on a diet of science fiction with flashy spaceships, draws on his own research and experience to confront the awful truth that we might be alone!!

Tickets £7.50 Children £4

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