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27 May 2019 7pm

Moon-Past, Present and Future

The moon has fascinated humankind since the beginning of history. But far from being just a big rock out in space, the Moon has a phenomenal power over the earth, with its ability to create great waves, dictate the length of the day and summon the seasons. Lunar expert and TV presenter, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, will guide you through the Moon's Past, Present and Future. In this very special lecture, she will uncover the way the Moon has captured our imaginations, contemplate how it was formed, and uncover why we need the Moon to protect our fragile earth. Drawing on the latest scientific research, she then looks forward to what might be to come? Will we return to the moon or will it become a launch pad to go into the great unknown? Filled with fascinating facts and anecdotes, Dr Maggie talks with warmth and passion on her most favourite subject.

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE a space scientist whose passion is presenting science to a general audience and demonstrating that you 'don't need a brain the size of a small planet' to understand, participate in and enjoy science. She is a well-known face on television and since February 2014 she has co-presented the long-running astronomy TV programme, The Sky at Night .

Tickets £7.50 Children £4

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