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26 April 2018 7:30pm

Woodbridge School Choral Society

Michael Tippett
A Child Of Our Time

Vaughan Williams:
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis and other vocal works.

Chris Milton (conductor)
Claire Weston (choral director)

Clare Tunney (soprano)
Hannah Bennett (alto)
Aaron Godfrey-Mayes (tenor)
Meilir Jones (bass)
Beth Spendlove (leader)

A Child of Our Time by Sir Michael Tippett is one of the great masterpieces of twentieth century choral music and a work that continues to be relevant and thought-provoking, as well as searingly beautiful, in our own time.

Tippett began the oratorio in 1939 without any commission but moved by the dawning horror of the Nazi regime in Europe and the events of Kristlanacht particularly. The text considers the light and darkness inside all people and asks some big philosophical questions about our own capacity for good. The music blends African-American spiritual with rich baroque textures and jazz inflections to create a tapestry of some of the most haunting music of the last one hundred years.

Woodbridge School is well known for the exceptional quality and range of its music making. A Child of Our Time is one of the most significant works undertaken and represents the culmination of many months of rehearsal and work. The Choral Society consists of all students who have vocal lessons at the school as well as staff, friends and singers from the wider community. With professional soloists and full orchestra this is a rare opportunity to hear this amazing, challenging and thought-provoking piece in such a beautiful setting.

The concert will also feature the School's Chamber Choir singing a range of vocal works and the Chamber Orchestra in Vaughan William's ever-popular Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.


Tickets: £20, £15 & £10 available here or from ELY CATHEDRAL BOX OFFICE 01353 660349 (Mon-Sat 9.30am-4pm) or email: gro/lardehtacyle//eciffo/xob

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