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01 Feb 2018 - 28 Feb 2018

A dynamic new art installation in the South West transept of Ely Cathedral, commemorating the impact of the First World War in Cambridgeshire. With a cascade of 100 banners, each an individual artwork and reminiscent of prayer flags, the installation forms a moving tribute to those involved in WW1.

Ely Cathedral's South West transept will be filled with a dynamic new art installation this February, as part of the Cathedral's year-long celebration and commemoration of WW1.

Seventeen artists from the OuseLife art group have been given the opportunity to commemorate events of a century ago in 'To End all Wars.' Their installation features 100 banners with original artwork stimulated by the impact of the First World War in local communities around Cambridgeshire.

For this installation, the OuseLife artists have drawn from diverse sources in their research, but all have been touched by the stories of local individuals and their experiences in the war. Working with a selection of different media unified by a deliberately sparse palette, the artists have explored a wide range of themes and symbolism. Some of the evocative imagery which makes up the installation is bold and familiar, while other pieces are more personal, drawing on the experience of individuals.

Together, the resulting cascade of banners form a captivating collection of images that connect different aspects of the First World War and encapsulate a wider interpretation of the conflict and its effects. The installation forms a moving tribute to those involved in WW1, and also resonates with global events today.

OuseLife artists have also created individual artworks for this commemoration, which can be found displayed on the walls of the South West transept. These pieces, along with the stunning sculpture by OuseLife artist Cary Outis, are all for sale.

The OuseLife art group began in1997 in a workshop in Little Ouse. The weekly life drawing has continued to form an essential practice, discipline and observation for the group's artists. They have subsequently held a number of successful exhibitions, including 'The Secret Life of Ely Cathedral' in 2016 and have published two books.

Contact: ku/oc/liamtoh//drawrofenilorac or ku/oc/trAtsorF//enaJ