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11 Feb 2017 - 05 Apr 2017

42 photographs representing all 42 cathedrals of the Church of England are to be exhibited in The Lady Chapel at Ely Cathedral. This is only the second time this work has been displayed in one of the spaces featured in the series and the first time the project has been exhibited within the region. In 2008, the British photographer, Peter Marlow, was commissioned by the Royal Mail on the occasion of the 300th Anniversary of the completion of St Paul's Cathedral, to photograph 6 cathedrals and it was this that inspired him to continue the project. In the following 4 years he shot all 42 cathedrals.

A Magnum Photos touring exhibition

A Magnum Photos touring exhibition

Marlow developed the strategy of shooting a majority of the cathedrals from the same position; looking east towards the altar, as the natural light of dawn broke through the main window. Each shot was devoid of artificial light creating a representation of each cathedral removed from the modern age. This particular viewpoint and lighting adds depth to the visual experience of the building and the discipline of this strict approach allowed the power of the spaces to unfold in the dark.

Sadly, Peter died in February 2016 following complications from an illness. We are grateful to his widow, Fiona and the team at Magnum for allowing us to have the collection at Ely.

Magnum Photos books and postcards are available to purchase in the Cathedral Shop for the duration of the exhibition.