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22 May 2017 7pm

A Night at the Cathedral - Come and meet a scientist, taste the food of the future, see a life size dinosaur head and learn something fascinating about science and the work of scientists !

These Night at the Cathedral events take as their inspiration work in the museums sector where iconic buildings are open at night for events and exhibitions.

Local scientists and technology companies will bring interactive displays which appeal to children and the young at heart. The Cambridge Science Centre will have a special display over the two nights - One will focus on the History of Rockets and the second promise an exciting Light Show so make sure to pick your date carefully:

22 May - A History of Rocketry

Setting off Rockets inside a Cathedral, what could possibly go wrong? The Cambridge Science Centre's resident rocket scientist will take you through two and a half thousand years of bizarre rocket history, from ancient Greece to the moon landings. This show includes live rocket engine firings. Book early for the safe seats! (Due to loud noises not suitable for children under 4)

Thanks to Kenetic Science, a Pop Up mobile planetarium will be on site in the Cathedral on Monday 22 May. Once inside the planetarium a fast moving 3-D film will send you on a fascinating trip to space and back without the aid of a space rocket. (Suitable for ages 4 and above. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult).

30 May - Full Spectrum Science Show

From rainbows to radiation this is a full-on science extravaganza! Allow us to shed light on a subject that shows there is more to science than meets the eye.

On both evenings you will also get to experience a Cosmos Roadshow featuring twenty fantastic hands-on exhibits and activities - you're sure to find something to blow your mind. These evenings also offer you the opportunity to Explore the world of DNA. Using a hands-on display, you can chat with scientists from the Wellcome Genome Campus and University of Cambridge to discover how genetics is changing our understanding of health and disease and find out how scientists analyse DNA which enables them to help patients with cancer and rare diseases. Unravel DNA, make your own DNA model, and find out how your genes affect whether you love or loathe Brussels sprouts! These activities are suitable for all ages.

As part of the fun, these evenings provide the rare opportunity to explore Ely's magnificent Cathedral or view the city and beyond at twilight from the top of one of the historic towers.

Musical entertainment at both events will be provided by locally based ensemble, 'Sing! Choirs' who will be performing a contemporary themed repertoire.

Free entry to the Cathedral (£1.50 online transaction fee applies)
£5 for Lady Chapel Exhibition
£9 for Evening Tower Tours available ONLINE at or from ELY CATHEDRAL BOX OFFICE 01353 660349 (Mon-Sat 9.30am-4pm)