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03 February 2016 6:30pm

'In the beginning was the word'

Ely Cathedral provides the ideal setting for an exhibition which celebrates contemporary calligraphy, letter carving and fine printing. The reasons why are not hard to explain.

One of the Cathedral's greatest treasures is the Liber Eliensis (Book of Ely). Hand-written in the twelfth century, it chronicles the history of Ely Abbey from its foundation by AEthelthryth (St Etheldreda) in 673, through the establishment of the bishopric in 1109, to the early stages of the re-building of the cathedral before the end of the century. It also attests to the fact that monastic Ely was a vibrant intellectual centre more than a hundred years before the first of the Cambridge Colleges came into existence.

Tickets: £5 available ONLINE at or from ELY CATHEDRAL BOX OFFICE 01353 660349 (Mon-Sat 9.30am-4pm)

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