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29 June 2016 1:10pm

Admission by Cathedral ticket or pass
Retiring collection




A. Chinese Folk Song

1. 獻花 Flower Bouquet For The Brave Ho-Pei Folk Song

2. 茉莉花 Jasmine Chinese Folk Song

3. 歌聲與微笑 Singing And Smile
Music by Kuk Kin-fan
Words by Wong Kin

B. Church Music

4. 全賴愛 All Because Of Love
Music & Words by Richard Tsang

5. Bless This House
Music by May H. Brahe
Words by Helen Taylor
Arranged by Joseph Martin

6. I Would Light A Candle
Music & Words by Joyce Eilers

C. Solo, Duets & Ensembles

7. Summer Time
Music by George Gershwin
Lyrics by Du Bose Heyward
Arranged by William Stickles

Female Ensemble

8. The Song Thrush
Music by Eric H. Thiman
Words by Ann Phillips
Solo : Angel Chau

9. Spinning Wheel Song Music by Cuthbert Harris
Words by Sir Walter Scott
Duet : Alice Keung, Liu Nok-tung

10. 塔里木河 River Tarim
Music & Words by Hak Li-mu
Solo : Skylar Li

11. Madrigal
Music by Jules Massenet
Words and arranged by Lionel Lethbridge
Duet : Kate Chan, Kelly Chan

12. The Gospel Train Spiritual, Arranged by Gwyn Arch

Female Ensemble

D. Chinese Folk Song

13. 大海啊!故鄉 The Sea, My Home
Music & Words by Wong Lap-ping

14. 月光光童謠組曲 Moonlight Lullaby Suite
Music by Chan Wing-wah
Words by Ng Shui-hing

15. 鳳陽花鼓 Fung Yang Flower Drums An Hui Folk Song
Words by Ho Chi-ho
Arranged by Wong Yau-di

Conductor : Li Si-lai
Pianist : Nok Lo, Chan Heng-yee, Kate Chan
Percussion : Raymond Leung, Justine Lee

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