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Come aboard the Ship of the Fens on a voyage of discovery!

Ely Cathedral, a living place of worship, is a beautiful, historic building and a unique education resource.

The Education Department is staffed by an Education Officer who works along with talented and committed volunteers, all of whom have a considerable experience of working with children.

We aim to be responsive to the needs of schools by offering activities and experiences that support the National Curriculum and RE but which cannot be duplicated in the classroom.

These pages outline some of the activities currently available for schools, but we are always happy to adapt and develop them to meet your pupils' particular needs.

Please contact us on +44 (0)1353 660332
e-mail gro/lardehtacyle//hguocsya/n for full details of our activities and resources.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pupils to Ely Cathedral.

Monastic Day

QCA RE KS1 Unit 1B KS2 3E, 5D, History KS3 Unit 14 
An opportunity for the children to dress up and experience a day in the life of a monk.

Animal Safari

QCA RE KS1 Units 1B, 1F, 2D KS2 Units 3A, 6E 
Children can have fun hunting for animals in the Cathedral and find out about a Christian place of worship at the same time. We also offer a KS3 trail looking at the Cathedral as a place of worship.

Pilgrimage Day

QCA RE KS2 Units 3A, 3E, 5D, 6E KS3 and GCSE 
Pupils can share the experience of a medieval pilgrim and consider their own spiritual journey.

Anglo-Saxon Day

Information to folllow

Tour of West Tower/Octagon

QCA Art & Design KS2 Units 2C, 4C 
An exciting opportunity for pupils from year 6 and above to enjoy unique views of the Cathedral and of Ely and to wonder at medieval craftsmanship.

Brass Rubbing

QCA Art & Design KS1 Units 1B, 1C KS2 Units 2C, 4C, 51 KS3 71, 9A 
A very enjoyable practical activity to support work in art and design, and history. As we are the proud owners of some beautiful brasses these can be rubbed in the Centre (£1 each) as part of your school's visit to the Cathedral.

Additional Themes

Christian Place of Worship
Bible Window Stories
Multi-Sensory Tour

Easter Activities

Available for both schools and pre-schools.

What the Children Say

"Thank you for the monks day. We had soup which I liked, with bread. I liked dressing up". 
Yr 7 Special School pupil

"The organ sounded beautiful. I enjoyed every second of the morning". 
Yr 4 pupil

"I loved climbing to the top of the Octagon. I felt like Alice in Wonderland going through all the doors". 
Yr 8 pupil

" was quiet and I felt relaxed and thoughtful". 
Yr 7 pupil

"I like the Cathedral because of the windows that tell stories". 
Yr 2 pupil

What the Teachers Say

"We all had a fantastic day and I feel that the experience will provide an excellent stimulus for RE lessons during the rest of the half-term". 
Yr 5 Teacher, Cambridge

"All the teachers and helpers appreciated your planning and had a stress-free day". 
Yr 1 Teacher, Huntingdon

"One of my aims was to give the children a glimpse of the beauty of the Christian tradition - they certainly had that yesterday".
Yr 6 Teacher, Cambridge

"The guides were excellent and maintained the children's interest...". 
Pre-school Teacher, Ely

"We do believe that the visit to the Cathedral sows a seed that may not be understood or appreciated by our pupils but which gives them an experience we could never hope to match in school".
Secondary School Headteacher, Norfolk